Got a question needing answered? Read on because there is a good chance that someone has asked the same question before. If not, please feel free to contact us and we will more than happily help you out.

Q "Where are you based and how far are you willing to travel?"
Each member of the band is from the Glasgow area, however we regularly play functions across the entire West Coast and Central Belt of Scotland. As a general measurement, we are willing to travel to venues within a 90 minute driving distance of Glasgow.

Q "Can we come and see you live before booking?"
Throughout the year we play a variety of showcase gigs where interested couples can come along and see us live. We also welcome you along to our rehearsal studios where you can watch us run through a number of songs.

Q "How many members are in the band and do you use backing tracks?"
The band has four members playing piano, keyboards, bass guitar and drums. We never use backing tracks, so your are getting a 100% live performance!

Q "How long do you play for?"
Typically we play between 8 p.m and midnight with a 30 minute break during the buffet.

Q "What time do you arrive at the venue?"
We always arrive at the venue an hour before we are due to start. At most functions this is 7 p.m.

Q "How long do you take to set up?"
As we are a live band our set-up time is usually a little longer. 45 minutes is usually a good guide.

Q "Can you learn our first dance for us?"
Absolutely! However we kindly ask that the song selection is given to us 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

Q "Can you include a short Ceilidh section in your performance?"
At the moment we will play a C.D of popular Ceilidh dances. We will also call the dances for you for anyone who is unsure of the steps.

Q "What happens during your break?"
We will play a selection of music from a CD during the buffet. It will be at a lower volume than the band so your guests can converse during the break.

Q "What happens if one of the band members falls ill?"
You can rest assured that if this ever happened that we have a pool of reserve musicians who are ready to step in.

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